I am Ea Torrado, an artist-healer from the Philippines who guides people towards intuitive and integrative wellness through dance, song, meditation, tarot, reiki, ritual and Daloy Movement, an ecosomatic movement meditation practice I started in 2014, that many people find healing and transformative.

My offerings are here to allow you to access your inner truth, and a higher, more conscious version of yourself.

So that you may remember that You are already whole. And powerful.

And that You are the medicine. And that when you do the work to heal, and remember and embody your wholeness, you can serve the world with your gifts, from a place of compassion, loving-kindness and Joy.


Reiki is a natural method of healing, channeling energy through the hands, Its name comes from two Japanese characters, Rei meaning Universal, Ki meaning life force energy. Ea, a certified Usui Reiki healer, will lovingly guide us toward deeper relaxation and restoration through Reiki energy healing.

With grounding and generous energy, and tenderness to match her power, Ea guides people into accessing their inner truth and a higher, more conscious version of themselves through her sessions.

We all reach a time in our lives where we could use a little extra guidance, especially in times of uncertainty. That’s why thousands of people everyday turn to tarot readings for insight, guidance, and clarity.

Tarot and Oracle Cards are an ancient form of divination and energy reading practice that helped thousands of people who have been seeking direction in some important aspects of their lives.

My tarot and oracle card sessions are friendly, compassionate and highly accurate psychic readings.




Pamamaalam (2021)

A short dance film for The Future Is Ritual project, with support from Ontario Arts Council.


I have been channeling dances and songs for years but am too afraid to admit it. So I am now trusting deeply when a chant or vocal language comes to me.

This year had been a goodbye to so many things... I say goodbye to an old self who is too afraid to admit the mystical parts of herself. Goodbye to old identities. Goodbye to old jobs. Goodbye to certain relationships. Goodbye to the same way of working as before. Goodbye even to an old self who would be dying of guilt now that she is away from family while there is death in the family.

Saying goodbye to doubting the things I see or hear or know, without logical explanation. Like when an owl appears or when someone comes as I walk and see flower or when the wind blows differently all of a sudden...

Bari-bari is the ilokano for tabi tabi po (tagalog). A Filipino expression that one says when passing through a place where elemental spirits may be, out of reverence and respect; as if saying, ‘We are only passing through; we mean no harm’.

Bari-bari is a collection of 9 short dance films that combine interviews, folk and ethnic dances in Ilocos Region (and contemporary interpretation of these dances), and dances that arise from immersion with the land and waters in La Union, Ilocos Sur, advocating for environmental sustainability and regeneration. The premiere of the film series is on the Environmental Dances platform by Company Christoph Winkler.

Episode 1 will first be seen at the 2021 Fifth Wall Fest.

Danika Nemis, Owner of Seabuds, Preloved Danika and mother to Luna Landrigan

"Ea's classes, specifically her Daloy Movement are so relaxing. It feels like a safe space for me to just be me, and dance. It gives me a chance to open, to surrender, to let go, to trust, to release over-thinking, and to relax into every moment that I was listening to my body. It was so good for self-expression, and feeling liberated and free, while getting a good, sweaty workout."

Mawi Fojas De Ocampo, Yu Hezu Bamboo Wand Meditation Teacher, EIC of beingmagonline.com and Brand and Communications Consultant, Mindful Living Proponent Inc.

"Knowing Ea has been a real gift, she has gently guided me with her depth of wisdom so that I was able to discover my unique rhythm and embrace my own flow. I have never felt more illuminated and connected with my higher consciousness. This nurtured me towards a deeper dive into my work as meditation teacher; Ea has really activated the creator and goddess within me."

Jonee Rodriquez, Graphic Designer and Contemporary Dance Artist

"My When She Comes - 3 month journey with Ea was a step towards rediscovering my passions as well as my developing deeper understanding about my Self and my womanhood. I think the program was curated with so much love and light! I am eternally grateful for Ea and the women I shared this experience with."

Anne Tangi, NYC-based certified Yoga Teacher and Reiki Level 2 Teacher, community worker and artist

"Ea creates beautiful, dynamic excercises to helpus open and go inward so that we can sort through blockages and claim more of the life we want to create. She makes the process of ntrospection fun, playful and deep. She is also an amazing spiritual medium! Through her I met my Spirit Guides more vividly and clearly than before. She holds space in a way that leaves me feeling so loved and encouraged."

Ayni Nuyda, yogi, philantropist and Director and Founder, Searchmindscape Foundation Philippines

"Ea creates a safe space for deeper self-love, self- care and even feminism. The 'meaning that she makes, and that she highlights in these spaces are so genuine, so real."

I am also Certified Mindfulness and Meditation Coach, and I believe in the power of meditation to relieve stress, anxiety and overwhelm!

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