Dancer and choreograper: Ea Torrado
Music and sound design: Christopher Aronson
Set design: Brandon Relucio

Filipinas takes ispiration from the iconic "España y Filipinas" from the Lopez Museum collection created by Juan Luna in 1886. The painting depicts a fair-skinned Caucasian woman, leading a dark complexioned Filipina up a staircase to a bright horizon. The Spanish woman is holding the waist of the Filipinas and pointing beyond, while the Filipina has her head tilted and arm flung out as if enraptured by what lies ahead.

The performance, danced as a solo, is a contemporary interpretation of who "Filipinas" is now, after fighting and acquiring her independence. It shows her being "stuck" and as she crawls, glides and slithers creatively in this staircase she inherited from her colonisers, unable to leap or get off, start anew, and build her own pathway to success.